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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I trust your technicians in my home?
A. We understand your concern!  Unlike large companies, our cleaning services are provided by the OWNER rather than technicians or subcontractors.  As a result, you will benefit from the "Peace of Mind" that you will always receive...

  • Thorough cleaning without cutting corners or rushing!
  • Service from a professional that has the credentials and experience to service your home!
  • A personable service with the highest integrity and ethical standards!
  • Quality service from a highly skilled professional!  

Q. How long will it take my carpet / upholstery to dry?
A. We use innovative low moisture equipment which leaves your carpet and upholstery dry within hours.  The drying process is also heavily dependent on humidity, the type of carpet and air flow.

Q. Is it true that cleaning my carpet/upholstery will lead to rapid re-soiling?
A. This is not true with Unique Carpet Cleaning.  Rapid re-soiling is typically a result of excessive chemical residue left behind during the cleaning process from an inexperienced cleaner or do-it-yourself cleaning.  Give us a call!!  We also have a process for removing such chemical residue.

Q. How often should I have my carpet or upholstery professionally cleaned?
A. To extend the life of your carpet and upholstery, professional cleaning is recommended every six months to a year.  We recommend interim maintenance cleanings as needed for high traffic areas such as hallways, living areas and dining areas.

Q. Will your services help my allergies?
A. Our cleaning solutions improve your indoor air quality by removing allergy causing pollutants from your carpet and upholstery.  We do not use harsh chemicals saturated with strong deodorizers or solvents leaving irritating fumes to flare allergy attacks.  We also offer Allergen Relief Treatments with all of our services.  Call us today for details.

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