Carpet Cleaning Frisco

Nontoxic Carpet Cleaning Frisco

Thank you for your interest in our Frisco carpet cleaning service!!!

We promise our carpet cleaning Frisco clients…

  • To utilize cleaning agents that are nontoxic, kid and pet safe!
  • Appointment reminders via text
  • Drying times typically within 4 hours!
  • Schedule all appointments for arrival within a 2 hour window!
  • Protect corners within your home from damage!

We believe in performing our services to our Frisco clients differently! Rather than purchasing the “strongest” cleaning agents, we believe in utilizing agents that are non-toxic per the manufacturers.  This equates to a safe cleaning environment  without the fear of cleaning residue being left within your carpet thus causing rapid resoiling.

We provide a thorough service for reasonable rates! Give us a call or visit our Free Estimate page for a FREE quote!”

Allow us to summarize our 10-Step Frisco Carpet Cleaning Process.

  1. We will begin by giving you a call before we start our route to your home.
  2. Upon arrival we will meet you at your doorstep with a photo business card.
  3. Inspect your Frisco carpet and discuss your areas of concern and questions.
  4. Protect the corners within your home from damage during cleaning setup.
  5. Precondition all cleaning areas using a nontoxic cleaning agent to break down spots, spills and traffic lane soil.
  6. Allow the cleaning agent to dwell in order to loosen soil for easier steam cleaning and removal.
  7. Deeply embedded soil & preconditioner is then extracted using Truckmounted equipment via steam cleaning.
  8. A special rinse is applied during steam cleaning to soften fibers and to avoid leaving soil attracting residues.
  9. Next, we will apply Scotchgard Carpet Protection, if desired. (additional charges apply)
  10. Post-Cleaning Inspection with you to ensure cleaning exceeds your expectations.


Current Specials


  • 3 areas & Hall starting at $99. ($50 Savings)
  • 4 areas & Hall starting at $119. ($50 Savings)
  • 5 areas & Hall starting at $149. ($50 Savings)
  • 6 areas & Hall starting at $199. ($30 Savings)
  • Carpet Stretch starting at $149 per area. ($50 Savings)


  • Sectional (2 Piece) start $119. ($50 Savings)
  • Sofa with Scotchgard Protector start $119. ($50 Savings)
  • Sofa & Loveseat starting at $119.  ($50 Savings)


  • Kitchen or Master Bathroom starting $119.
  • Kitchen & Master Bathroom starting at $169.
  • Kitchen & Entry/Hall starting at $169.
  • Protective Sealer starting $40 per area.


  • Offsite Rug Cleaning (8×10) starting $119.
  • Scotchgard Rug Protector $40.